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Traveling on business? Planning a corporate retreat or meeting? We’re here to help!

ATS will work with corporations to establish or enhance their travel management system by making recommendations on such topics as travel policy, efficient booking procedures, cost savings, and emergency handling of trip interruptions. 

ATS adheres to corporate travel policies - travel class, corporate lodging rates, vehicle rentals, form of payment, special policies, etc. - through the use of a Corporate Profile maintained in the CRS. 

 ATS also maintains a computerized  Client Profile system that provides information on traveler preferences for airline seats and meals, hotel room, car rental types, frequent flyer numbers, credit card information, and special requests. This information, provided by the client and accessible by all ATS agents, allows us to fulfill specific travel requirements for each corporate traveler. 

ATS enables today’s busy corporate travelers to view their itineraries, e-invoices and e-tickets online using TripCase™. TripCase™ organizes all trip details in one place, both corporate and leisure; is accessible everywhere via the web or the mobile app; keeps you informed with free flight alerts, alternate flight searches and more; provides quick access to important traveler documents in 21 languages; and delivers your full itinerary in the body of your confirmation email. 

ATS provides advance seating when available. We make every effort to notify travelers of schedule changes, cancelled or delayed flights, or airport closings. Our CRS also notifies us when airlines change flight numbers or departure and arrival times prior to travel. 

Here are some of the value-added services that we provide to help you save time and money: 

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