Travel Terms and Conditions

ATS Travel Terms & Conditions

As a retail travel agency, Antietam Travel Service, Inc. is acting as an intermediary and agent of our travel suppliers when we provide you with travel products and services. As such, we adhere to all terms and conditions of our suppliers. Our travel consultants will inform you of supplier terms and conditions at the time you book your travel. 

Passports & Visas 

valid passport is required for international travel. A valid driver's license or other suitable identification is required for domestic flights. Boarding of airline flights will be denied without proper documentation. You need to check passport and visa entry requirements for countries that you visit. Your ATS travel consultant can assist you with documentation requirements. 

Travel Insurance 

ATS highly recommends travel insurance for all travel. Your travel consultant will advise you of options and cost. 

Please call Antietam Travel Service, Inc. at 301-662-8080 if you have any questions or need assistance.